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200 Club

200 Club

This could be your lucky year!

How?  Become a Member of the BHS 200 Club today and you could be a monthly prize winner.

What is the 200 Club?  It is a Club made up of individuals, like you, who strongly support BHS and who want to have some fun.

How does the 200 Club work?  Each new participant pays $1.00 once to become a Life Member, plus an Annual Membership of $200.00.  The Club year begins each July and can be renewed on an annual basis.  You are allocated a membership number, which is placed in the monthly draw for gift vouchers to Miles Market.  Also, there is a Grand Prize Draw at the end of the 200 Club year. 

What are the prizes?  The prizes depend on how many Club Members there are for a given year.  This past year, the prizes paid out were as follows:

            Monthly Prizes (11)                                                  Grand Prize Draw (1)

            First Prize                    $300 Gift Voucher                  First Prize                    $400 Gift Voucher

            Second Prize              $200 Gift Voucher                  Second Prize              $300 Gift Voucher

            Third Prize                   $100 Gift Voucher                 Third Prize                   $200 Gift Voucher

How does the Club help BHS?  The Club makes an annual monetary donation to BHS.  Traditionally, it is half of what is raised by the 200 Club Members.  This year we are pleased to announce that $5,000.00 will be donated to BHS to go towards our Financial Aid Programme.

What does the Club fund?  It funds those special things that make BHS a truly excellent School.  In the past, the Club donations have supported the arts, computers, classroom refurbishment, upgrading the Slat House, primary and secondary air-conditioning and bursaries for students in need. 

How do I join?  Complete the form HERE and send it in along with your payment of $201.00 ($200.00 for Annual Membership + $1.00 for Life Membership) to the Advancement Office.  If paying by cheque, please make payable to BHS 200 Club. You can also submit your payment online HERE

Need more information?  Email the Advancement Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Shelby Rodrigues at 278-3004.