The Arts

The Creative Arts Department encompasses Drama, Music and Visual Art Subjects. Our philosophy is to have a vibrant, inspirational and engaging creative environment, where every student's individuality and potential to realise their artistic ambitions is highly valued.

New Theatre

In January 2020, BHS officially opened the new Alvin Ferreira Family Theatre, and the new Music Suites donated by Barrie Trimingham and David Pierson. The former “Little Gym” was repurposed and turned into a blackbox theatre; a multi-purpose performance space to be used for parent presentations and student performances. The movable staging allows for classes to adapt the space to their needs, and the state of the art equipment and lighting also provides students with opportunities to learn and improve their technical skills.


Music Suites

The new Barrie Trimingham and David Pierson Music Suites were also completed over the summer and now boast 11 practice rooms, a sound-proof recording studio and updated dance and movement spaces. At BHS, you will always find a student singing, or playing music – music is encouraged from day one, and so much early learning takes place through song, and music is an integral part of learning all the way through school. 

Arts Wing

Completely renovated in 2020, the new Joy Bluck Arts Wing is comprised of three large, bright Fine Arts Studios (The Sarah & Stephen Young Visual Arts Studio, a Visual Arts Studio donated by David & Margot White and The Halycon Studio), including Digital Arts and Ceramics Studios and an Art Gallery. The Halycon Studio is the solely for the use of IB students where they can work and store projects. Students across the School have taken advantage of these bright, open work spaces since opening in September. 


Drama Department

The Drama Department Philosophy reflects a desire to encourage all students to be involved in practical work. The students are encouraged to develop their imagination, creativity and energy for Drama. The students learn not only drama skills but life skills such as cooperation, constructive feedback, leadership and self-confidence. Students are challenged and encouraged to expand their thoughts, abilities and talents through “practically doing”.

Music Department

The BHS Music Department aims to foster an appreciation and understanding of music and its importance in everyday life. Music is a subject of ultimate creation, and our students learn to develop creativity and confidence in composition and performance through both modern technology and traditional instruments and song. Our aim is to foster a lifetime love of music. 


Visual Arts Department

The Art Department not only endorses the structured teaching of examination criteria, but is also flexible in accommodating both group and individual student’s creativity and aspirations. We nurture imaginative, critical thinking and provide opportunities to communicate creative initiatives, techniques and original ideas, all of which, contribute to an highly rewarding artistic life at BHS.