Student Leadership

We actively encourage girls to develop their leadership skills. This can be done formally, by running for an elected student leadership position or more organically by taking on a leadership role in extracurricular activities (such as Debate Club or the School Play). Our students are encouraged to spearhead initiatives (such as a beach clean-up or disaster relief fundraiser) and act with integrity and confidence in their interaction with other students and faculty.

This year, our Student Leadership team is comprised of Leahnae Morton-Richardson and Layla Kurt (Head Students) and Malsha Amarasinghe, Anjelina Chandrasekaran, Kristy Sanchez and Ariadne Ward (Deputy Head Students), voted in by their peers. 


Layla Kurt, Head Student

IB subjects:  Art, geography and English (HL) and mathematics, environmental systems & societies and Spanish (SL).

Plans after graduation: I hope to study geography or environmental studies at university in Canada or the UK.

Time at BHS: I have played volleyball at BHS and have been part of the Bermuda National team for the past 5 years. I have had several leadership roles during my time at BHS.

Leahnae Morton-Richardson, Head Student

IB Subjects: Spanish, global politics and theatre (HL) and chemistry, mathematics and English (SL)

Plans after graduation: I plan to study Commerce, with a focus in Accounting, in Canada.

Time at BHS: I am very grateful for all the experiences I have had at BHS, such as the opportunity to try skiing, sailing, a variety of different sports, fun STEAM experiences, and a trip to Spain.

Formal Student Leadership Structure

  • Head students (2) in IB2
  • Deputy Head Students (4) in IB1
  • Prefects (including Form Prefects, House Leaders and Admin Prefects) in Year 11 
  • Subject Leaders and Form Leaders
  • In Primary, Year 6 students have the opportunity to serve as Class Prefects and Playground Monitors. 


Non-Formal Leadership Opportunities

As part of the BHS “I-LEAD” initiative, students have many opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills throughout the year in PSHE lessons, assemblies, non-curriculum days (such as Round Square Day), and by championing their own causes. 

read about the i lead initiative


Leading Self. Leading Others. Leading by Example. 

As the only all-girls' school on the island, BHS not only recognises the importance of a strong academic foundation, but understands that today's girls need more.  Young women live in a time with challenges and issues very different to previous generations, and in order to thrive, we must do all we can to equip them with the skills and mindsets their need to succeed.

In November 2019, BHS welcomed girls leadership expert, Rachel Simmons, to the school for a series of workshops with students, staff and parents. Rachel is the author of Enough As She Is: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Lives, and the New York Times bestsellers Odd Girl Out and The Curse of the Good Girl. Rachel teaches girls and women skills to build their resilience, amplify their voices, and own their courage to live with integrity and health. She is also the co-founder of the national nonprofit Girls Leadership, and is an experienced curriculum writer and educator. Hearing from experts and educators like Rachel, who can teach our students, staff and parents, concrete skills and tools is an invaluable part of their education which will help them grow into confident and resilient young women. 

The lessons learned are still being used in classrooms today and a Girls Leadership Club runs in Primary and Secondary reinforcing these leadership skills.