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Storm / Hurricane Policy

Of utmost importance to BHS is providing a safe environment for students and staff. 

Our methods of communication regarding the School’s closure/opening are the following:
    •    The BHS Facebook page (
    •    The BHS website:
    •    Emails to parents
    •    Local media including Bernews, The Royal Gazette and local radio stations

Closing BHS
The decision to close the School will be made based on the recommendations of the EMO and after discussions with the other Private School Principals. The Head of School will make the decision, within a reasonable time frame, and it will be communicated as per the above methods.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for checking the various methods of communication (radio, website, email, Facebook, online news media) for updated information.

Re-opening BHS
School re-opening will be based on our ability to assess the School buildings for damage and/or safety issues, and to be able to communicate information to parents in a timely fashion.

In the event of a severe storm/hurricane, BHS will remain closed to students and staff until any damage or safety issues have been addressed. 

Two factors go into our decision to open the School after a storm:
    •    We take advice from the EMO on whether it is safe for people to move around the island.  This includes whether ferries and buses are running and the roads are clear.
    •    The Head of School and the Facilities Team must assess the safety of the School and grounds, during day light hours, and test systems such as electrical, IT, fire alarms and plumbing. 

To protect the School and our equipment, systems may be taken offline prior to a storm and these systems need to be restarted and tested before students and staff can return to School.

We must also take into consideration inconvenience to parents and curriculum time being missed.  Therefore, in the event that the storm/hurricane passes and a morning opening may be possible, the Head of School and the Facilities Team will meet at the School, provided that it is safe to do so, by 6:00 a.m. to make a decision about re-opening. An update will then be communicated to parents and staff.  Please note that, at this time, it may not be daylight and we may not be able to properly assess School readiness.  

If BHS makes the decision to open for students and staff, the Head of School will implement the above communication process for contacting parents/guardians to let them know the time that the School will re-open. If a decision cannot be made within a reasonable time frame, which allows for proper communication and a reasonable morning opening time, the school will remain closed.

The reasonable time frame will take into consideration the following: being able to get ready for school, travel time, arrangements for children, working parents etc.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for checking the various methods of communication (radio, website, email, Facebook, online news media) early in the day for updated information.

Please note that if our IT server is taken offline, or there is no electricity at BHS, our phone system will not work.