School Life

We know that there is no one way to be a BHS girl. We encourage our students to be authentic and celebrate their individuality. We support them as they discover their passions and talents and become who they are meant to be. 

A well-rounded education must extend beyond the classroom. At BHS, we know that school years can be some of the best of your life! That's why we offer many opportunities for students to experience a rich and full programme and develop their own sense of purpose. 


Our 67 teachers and staff come from around the world and represent different nationalities from countries including Bermuda, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Turkey, Kenya, Australia and New Zealand. Each teacher brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their subject area and a unique cultural perspective to their teaching and they all  share one common goal - to empower each and every student to fulfill their potential.


BHS was founded in 1894, and the first school building still stands today, housing the main Reception area and classrooms. Over the years, much has changed on the campus in the heart of Hamilton, Bermuda's capital. Most recently, a 14,000ft Innovation Centre was completed, firmly joining the past with the future; the original building reflected in the new building's large glass front. 


From day one, our girls are taught the value of kindness and respect for each other. Friendships are formed on the playground that last not only for their time at BHS, but for life. Graduates often speak of the strength of their bonds with friends from BHS and it is a gift that enriches their lives beyond graduation.  


We are the BHS Dragons, #hearusroar! BHS offers over a dozen different sports to try, so there is something for everyone.  Personal improvement is the name of the game - and each student is guided to try her best, work hard and be a good teammate. 

The Arts

In Secondary, the vibrant creative arts department produces an outstanding school production each year. Every aspect of the production is student-led from choreography to lights, makeup and stage direction.  In Primary, students perform assemblies and have numerous opportunities to get on stage - preparing them for the "big" roles once they get to Secondary. With newly renovated Art Studios, the Arts at BHS are well served. There are three Fine Arts Studios, including Digital Arts and Ceramics Studios and an Art Gallery and a Blackbox Theatre. 


If you spend a day at BHS, at some point you are guaranteed to hear music coming from somewhere! Whether it's in EYP with the girls singing about the weather, or in Primary as they practice for an assembly, music is an integral part of BHS daily life. The newly renovated Music Suites boast upgraded Music Rooms, 11 Practice Suites, a Recording Studio, and a new Dance Studio. The girls have multiple opportunities to perform not only in official concerts, but in smaller assemblies and class presentations where they learn that self-expression through the Arts is an integral part of their education. 

For our 125th Anniversary, we asked students what they loved about BHS...below are a sampling of their answers. I love BHS because...

...of their great creative arts programme. 

I love the music programmes so, so, so much! 

... it opens doors to opportunities I would never have before. 

...of the bond students and teachers have.

... I can be myself without worrying.

...I finally feel like I have beautiful friendships, and amazing support system and family. 

...of the valuable friendships we make which will last a lifetime.

...we are free to follow our passions and we are supported 100%. 

...of the positivity and encouragement that girls can achieve anything! 

...teachers encourage me to do sports outside of my comfort zone, like swimming. 

... it gives me opportunities and pushes me outside my comfort zone.

...the teachers help to bring the best out of me and push me one step closer to my dreams.