Annual Appeal

For 127 years, BHS students and alumni have shown the world that they are unstoppable. They fought for women's rights in Bermuda, they represent our country at the highest level of sport, they are primary care physicians, working tirelessly on the front lines of the pandemic throughout the world, they are trailblazers in the corporate world and are breaking barriers in academia, shattering the glass ceiling. 

In a year once again punctuated by remote learning and working from home, we are regularly reminded that a BHS education is unstoppable too. The successes of our 2020 and 2021 graduating classes demonstrate both the drive of and determination of BHS students, and the strength of BHS's dynamic and inclusive learning environments in the classroom, and where necessary, remotely.  

By donating to our 2021 Annual Appeal, you will be making a difference to every BHS student. It will provide crucial operating support, it will ensure that every BHS teachers has the flexibility and creativity to continue to innovate and teach at the highest level. Your donations will also support our Financial Aid programme in the form of scholarships and bursaries. This year alone, over $850,000 was given to over 150 families who would not have been able to afford a BHS education otherwise. 

Your support is critical to empowering each and every BHS student in the desire to develop their individual potential, and step into the world boldly, responsibly and joyfully. Thank you! 

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