We're Growing

We are encouraging all our alumni to sign up; we've had steady growth since we introduced it back in 2018, but we want more of you to join! This is where we will share alumni news and let you know about events. More importantly, we hope YOU will use it as a way to help network with fellow BHS alumni who can help you in your own careers. 

Stay Connected

Staying in touch has never been easier

Every BHS alumna/us has access to this safe and secure online networking platform, dedicated to helping you build your personal and professional networks. You will be able to catch up with old classmates, find and post jobs and internships, and even mentoring opportunities. 

Currently we have over 300 alumni registered from all around the world; from Bermuda to the US, France, Mexico, Senegal and Australia!  Almost 80% are willing to help fellow BHS alumni with mentoring, networking and career advice, so be sure to join today!