How to Apply

Admissions Policy for the Early Years Programme (EYP) & Year 1

Early application and registration is available for EYP and Year 1 only. Parents who have submitted an application will receive information about the Enrolment Process that takes place in the year the applicant turns three years old. In cases where the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of places available, preferences is given to siblings and daughters of alumni, whose application was submitted within two years of birth. Thereafter, consideration is given to the timing of the application. 

Applications Policy for Year 2 - Year 11

Applications for Years 2 and upward will be accepted in the proposed years of entry only, as BHS offers admissions on a rolling basis. Consideration is given to the timing of the application and to the results of the entrance assessment/examination. Year 7 applicants, who wish to be considered as a scholarship candidate, must sit examinations during the academic year of entry. 

Application Policy for the Senior Years Programme

Applicants may be required to sit subject placement tests in English, Mathematics and Science. All applicants and their parents will be invited for an interview. Parents of all applicants will be advised of the final admission decision by email, following this meeting.


Admission forms and required documents

All inquiries and applications, fully completed, should be sent to the attention of the respective department, accompanied by the $75 or $100 non-refundable application fee.

BHS - Primary / Secondary / Senior Years Programme
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