Entrance & Scholarship Exams

At BHS, we empower our students to define their own paths with confidence and emerge as capable young people, ready to take on the world. If you would like your daughter to benefit from this environment, but are worried about the cost of a BHS education, we can help. BHS offers scholarships and bursaries to students who would like to join years 4, 5, 6, and 7 in September 2024. We recognize that private school tuitions are a significant investment. At BHS, we offer a variety of financial assistance through scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid. As a school, we believe that financial commitments should not be a deterrent to families looking to enrol their students. 

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Why Should I Send My Daughter To BHS?

BHS is an independent, International Baccalaureate and Round Square School. We offer the English National Curriculum through Key Stage 1-3, the GCSE/IGCSE examinations at Key Stage 4, and the IB Diploma Programme, IB Courses and A Levels in the final two years of school. BHS students are given the opportunity to explore new subjects while strengthening their foundational knowledge and building key skills and competencies. Learning in a style catering to girls, this period of their education is filled with collaborative experiences, creative expression, and a growing responsibility for their learning under the careful guidance of dedicated and caring teachers. During the final two years of study at BHS, our students benefit from the addition of male classmates through our co-ed Senior Years Programme. Our educational programme aims to foster well-rounded students from the age of 4-18 with a strong focus on leadership, the arts, athletics and community service. As Bermuda’s only Round Square School, our students are given the opportunity to participate in student exchanges, annual international conferences and service projects around the world.

What Is ‘The Girls Advantage’?

We provide an environment to help girls thrive. From the very first day, BHS students benefit from a world of opportunity in a community like no other. Your daughter will learn from dedicated teachers who understand how girls learn best. At BHS, subject interest is not defined by gender. Girls feel empowered to try new things, and take risks. Girls take centre stage at BHS, in the classroom, and on the field. They feel safe to be who they want to be. They pursue their passion in academics, sports and the arts. Your daughter will step capably and confidently into leadership roles, and become a role model for younger students. At BHS, our girls are confident, responsible, resilient and ready to enter the co-ed Senior Years Programme.  

How Do I Know If My Child Is Eligible For Scholarships And Bursaries?A BHS education is full of financial opportunity. Every student writing the entrance exam is eligible for scholarship and/or bursary. Scholarships are awarded to students who reach a certain academic threshold. They are merit-based, and determined by the entrance exam results. Scholarships can vary between $2,000 and $5,000. In the event that your child is successful in receiving an entrance scholarship, that funding will continue to follow your daughter for the entirety of her education at the school. Bursaries are determined by financial need. Recipients are required to submit bursary applications to our Business Office who will work alongside each family independently. Bursaries start at $3,000 and can extend up to, but not surpass, 50% of school fees. These are reviewed annually and are subject to change based on various financial factors impacting the applicant. All BHS families are integral to the school community. We value each and every student and are always willing to work together to ensure that their education remains accessible. We encourage everyone to apply regardless of financial standing.

What Is The Application Process?

BHS offers an annual entrance exam in the month of November for students looking to enrol in the following school year. This year, the exam will take place on Saturday, November 18th. This exam is open to students entering Years 4, 5, 6 and 7. Acceptance into BHS is determined by the entrance exam results. These same results are used to award entrance scholarships. For any questions regarding this opportunity, families are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office. Students who wish to write the entrance exam must register beforehand. Registration will be available until November 16th, and can be completed by email to admissions@ bhs.bm