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It is important that students experience success in school. The purpose of our admissions policy is to ensure, as far as possible, that all students accepted into the IB programme will be able to cope with the programme. Therefore, all applicants must meet the academic criteria for the proposed year of entry.

Our admissions process encourages open communication between the school and the family. We want parents to understand what we offer and expect of our students, and what we stand for as a school. In turn, we want to learn all we can about your son or daughter and your expectations in order to determine if BHS is likely to meet their needs. When the match between the family and the school is a good one, the result is a strong, trusting partnership that will work to your child's advantage as they learn and develop.


IB Admissions Process

IB Application Policy

IB Application Form




*Please be sure to check the policy and process check lists for the year you are applying for to ensure that all material is accounted for.