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Middle Years


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The Bermuda High School for Girls Secondary Department offers an education that promotes intellectual inquiry; values creative and critical thinking; encourages communication and collaboration; enables every student to identify, value and build on her personal strengths; cultivates each individual’s leadership potential; and develops skilled, confident, compassionate young women who take responsibility for their own lives and enrich the lives of others. The core curriculum in the Secondary Department is designed to meet the needs of the average to above average student. Limited specialist help for mild learning disabilities is available but we do not have a programme for those with severe learning disabilities.

The Middle Years Programme at BHS focuses on developing the whole adolescent. Our aim is to help students transition smoothly from Primary to Secondary. It addresses the adolescent’s social, academic, emotional and physical needs and ensures they are met through a wide variety of academic courses and extensive sporting and extra curricular activities.

Students at the Middle Years’ level take twelve different subjects. The curriculum covers core subjects: Mathematics, English, Science and French or Spanish. These are supported by foundation subjects: Geography, History, Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Physical Education and Keyboarding. 

Students also are the only ones in Bermuda to have access to Latin in both Years 7 and 8. Students can opt to continue Latin through to GCSE and IB years.  The Year 7 programme is also supported by having students in a 65 minute period with their form teachers to assist them with organizational and emotional challenges in transitioning to Secondary. Additionally, students are taught about their preferred learning styles, study skills, test-taking strategies and life-skills.

Year 9 Options

At the end of our Middle Years Programme, students will make the all important decision to opt for subjects that they wish to take further during the GCSE years. CLICK HERE for the information on the I/GCSE programme.