Secondary is a time when students broaden their educational horizons, learn new skills and discover their passions. Through a wide range of classes, BHS students are given the opportunity to explore new subjects while strengthening their foundational knowledge and building key skills and competencies. This period of their education is filled with collaborative experiences, creative expression, and a growing responsibility for their learning under the careful guidance of dedicated and caring teachers.


Innovation & STEAM

Through our innovation and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach to learning, BHS is building the skills needed for our students to face the future. STEAM is a transdisciplinary approach to learning where academic concepts are coupled with real-life examples which make connections between school, community, work and the world while emphasising the 21st Century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. With the completion of the new Innovation Centre, all Secondary students now have the opportunity to experience lessons in state-of-the-art Science labs and facilities, unlike any other in Bermuda. 


Moving into Secondary is a big step, and our experienced staff will guide students through this exciting transition. They will support not only their academic learning but also the social and emotional changes that come during this sometimes challenging period. As the only all-girls school on the island, we have developed a deep understanding of our students and offer guidance and encouragement for them to develop a sense of agency, communicate effectively and build their confidence. After their five years in Secondary, they will be ready to take on the rigours of SYP, engaged in their learning, and as community-minded citizens.


Leadership at BHS isn't just about having a badge. In 2019, BHS formally launched the "I LEAD" Leadership Framework throughout the School to positively develop leadership skills in all of our students. By focusing on three main areas: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading by Example, this new framework allows BHS to build on leadership capabilities and skills in all students, and develop a more inclusive definition and understanding of leadership from EYP through to IB.

Meet Catherine Hollingsworth

Head of Secondary

Catherine has over 30 years of teaching, lecturing and leadership experience in both the UK and Dubai. With previous experience in both co-ed and all-girls schools, she has a real understanding of the benefits of all-girls learning. Her individualised approach to innovative curriculum and learning drives her to ensure that each and every child has a programme that allows them to gain success.

Catherine has an Honours Bachelor degree in Physical Education and Mathematics from the University of Gloucestershire. She played netball at the national level, and is never happier than when working with various netball teams and teaching Physical Education. The pleasure she gets from students’ success, on either the sports field or in the classroom, is evident.