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Specialist Subjects

Specialist subjects are an integral part of the Primary Department curriculum.

Music is an integral part of the curriculum, and songs related to topics and celebrations are included in assemblies and special events. Children have a natural love of rhythm and repetition and our music programme builds on this. The use of simple rhythm instruments in Year 1 and tuned percussion instruments in Year 2 leads to reading simple music and recorder playing in Year 3. Year 4 students are offered a chance to learn a stringed instrument through the Menuhin Foundation and we offer private tuition in a variety of wind instruments. The older year groups have the opportunity to participate in Bell Choir, Orchestra, Choir and other musical clubs that typically change from year to year.

Physical Education
The purpose of Physical Education in the early years is to assist the student to improve and control their spontaneous and somewhat random movements. In Years 4 through 6, students are taught to use the skills they have acquired in various team sports: netball, basketball, field hockey, track and field, softball, and volleyball. All students take part in an Annual Sports Day, and students in Years 4-6 take part in Inter-School Competitions.

Dance is scheduled for all year groups in the Primary Department. Educators know that training young children in the concepts of movement sequencing, patterning, and spatial relationships lays a strong foundation for the later development of reading, mathematics and other educational skills.  Children in our Dance programme work actively in all of these areas.

Drama lessons are timetabled for Year 1 to 6 giving students the opportunity to engage in a range of dramatic activities through which they can develop their understanding of the world. Creative and imaginative role play and the exploration of voice, movement and gesture help to develop their dramatic skills.

The teaching of art and art skills provides the students with opportunities for self expression which helps build skills that develop students’social, intellectual, emotional and creative growth. At all levels, art enhances work covered in other parts of the curriculum. The IPC units studied at each year level provide a spring board for a variety of art lessons as well as crafts. 

Foreign Languages
From EYP to Year 3, students are introduced to the language and culture of the Spanish speaking world. Years 4-6 have a blended modern foreign language programme, learning both French and Spanish. Basic communications skills are taught through the use of songs, games, role play and puppetry.  Activities designed to encourage basic reading and writing are part of the programme.

Information Technology
(IT)Technology is used in a variety of ways to enhance teaching and learning. Not only are students taught skills in touch-typing, word processing, power point presentations, spreadsheets and more, but they are also introduced to coding using Kodable and Tynker. Digital Citizenship is taught in both PSHE and IT lessons. iPads are used in the classrooms and the classes have scheduled time in the computer lab.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
PSHE lessons are taught using a combination of stories, short films, role-play and discussion to teach Life Skills. Hands-on activities are integrated into lessons wherever possible. The lessons cover a wide variety of life skills topics including: Families & Communities; Health & Safety; Diversity; Citizenship and the Environment. A respect and responsibility for the environment is developed with all year groups, and internet and cyber safety is covered with older students.