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Our Primary department consists of EYP - Y6. We follow both the International Early Years Curriculum and the English National Curriculum Foundation Stage in EYP and the International Primary Curriculum in the rest of the Primary Department.

In the Primary Department, we are focused on giving the students the feedback that they need in order to improve and move to the next level in their learning. We are developing the tools, in particular REFLECTIVE practices, that they need in order to become responsible learners. Part of this process is maintaining a balance between assignments and activities that inform teaching and learning, and assignments and assessments that are used to demonstrate student progress. For primary age students, it is important to develop the understanding that they learn through ‘mistakes’; by thinking about feedback, persisting through setbacks and embracing challenges, they become reflective, resilient and resourceful learners. 

Our core curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the average to above average student. The normal developmental differences that occur in primary age students are catered for by means of modification or extension of the core curriculum. Specialist help for mild learning difficulties is available through the Reading Intervention Programme but we do not have a programme for those with severe learning disabilities.

Our curriculum is under constant review to ensure that it keeps pace with new developments in education and technology.

The core subjects in the Primary Department are Language and Mathematics. The spiral design of the core curriculum for Years 1 through 6 ensures that each concept is revised, developed and expanded over time.

The foundation subjects are History, Geography and Science.  Units of Enquiry are used to meet curriculum objectives for these subjects.

In order to provide a well-rounded programme, a number of Specialist Subjects are offered allowing students to develop skills in other subject areas.

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