International Baccalaureate

With the most established and successful IB programme in Bermuda, the IB Advantage at BHS is clear. Our highly experienced IB teachers offer a personalised approach to every student’s education – ensuring that your child will fulfill, and exceed, their potential. Since the inception of the programme in 2000, IB graduates at BHS have consistently scored above the worldwide average and go on to universities around the world. 

IB Mission

The IB programme at BHS educates students to the highest international standards, provides excellent preparation for tertiary education and fosters confident, resilient and responsible global citizens. 

IB Open House - May 17th

If you are interested in learning more about the IB Programme at BHS, please join us on Tuesday, May 17th from 5:30pm. 

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2021 IB Results

The Bermuda High School (BHS) has announced the results of its 2021 International Baccalaureate Diploma cohort. Head of School, Mrs. Linda Parker commented, “Our students have done a phenomenal job this year and we are so proud that 100% of the students who chose to follow the IB Diploma pathway have achieved it.  This outstanding result is well above the worldwide pass rate of 88%. This cohort has had a tumultuous two years with the ups and downs of COVID-19, but despite the challenges of moving from in-person to remote learning during their IB years, they have all shown themselves to be dedicated, determined and focused. These excellent results speak to the hard work of our students and the commitment and expertise of our teachers to ensure that every student fulfilled their potential.”

The average Diploma point score for the 2021 BHS cohort was 35 points.  60% of the BHS Diploma students scored above 35 points.  The world-wide average is 33 points.  

Mia Oleksak achieved a perfect score of 45 points and will be taking a gap year before heading to Brasenose College to read Philosophy and French at Oxford University .  Four other students received marks above 40 points.  Ella Rouja earned 42 points and also plans to take a gap year before attending the University of Exeter in the UK or the University of British Colombia to study Philosophy and Creative Writing. Hailey O’Donnell scored 41 points and will be studying Economics and Physics at Hamilton College, in the USA. Two students were awarded 40 points and will both attend universities in Canada.  Genevieve Lau will attend McGill University to pursue a Bachelor of Science with a major in mathematics, while Leahnae Morton-Richardson will attend Dalhousie University to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Accounting.  All of our students who achieved an overall point score of 40-45 points are placed in the top .09% of over 170,000 candidates worldwide. 

Several students achieved 35 points and above. Three students received 39 points. Shayla Calauro will attend the University of Guelph to study International Development and Business.  Skye Oliveira will study Economics and Chinese at Tufts University and Jasmin Williams will attend Western University to study Computer Science and Business Administration or Loughborough University to study Information Technology Management for Business. Two students received 38 points: Kiara Burcher will attend Western University to study Computer Science and Mathematics and Linnea Kuruvilla will head to Duke University, in the USA, with an undeclared major.  Daina Babeckas and Jaime Procter both scored 37 points.  Daina will head to the University of Toronto to study Music, while Jaime will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at Dalhousie University. Rounding out the top 15 students: Chiara Mackay received 36 points and will study Psychology at Dalhousie University, while Sophia Stevens, scoring 35 points, will study Finance and International Business at the University of Reading in the UK.

Head of IB, Sarah Wheddon remarked, “After a second year of having their education affected, locally and globally, the IB students at BHS have displayed what it truly means to be an IB Learner.  As a graduating class, they have been compassionate, reflective and supportive of each other as they have grown into well-rounded young adults equipped with a variety of skills to establish a solid beginning of the next phase of their livesThis incredible set of results was possible with the guidance of the BHS teachers and the support of the students’ families.  Everyone can be proud of these results.”

This year’s graduates have a diverse range of interests, talents and career plans for the future, and will attend universities in Canada, the USA, the UK and Asia. Some of the other disciplines to be studied include Business, Communications, Education, Fine Arts, Geography, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Law, Medicine and Nursing.

In Canada, students were offered places at Acadia University, Concordia University, Dalhousie University, Fanshawe College, Guelph University, McGill University, Queen’s University, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Western University and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Graduates going to the USA were offered places at Duke University, Framingham State University, Hamilton College, Howard University, Montclair University, Temple University, Tufts University and the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

In the UK, students were offered places at Bournemouth University, Brighton University, Bristol University, Cardiff University, Creative Arts University, DeMontfort University, Durham University, Essex University, Exeter University, Huddersfield University, Imperial College London, Kings College London, Lancaster University, Leeds University, Loughborough University, Manchester University, Norwich University, Plymouth University, Queen Mary London,  Southampton University, Sussex University, Warwick University, University College London, University of Kent, University of Reading, University of the West of England and York University.

Two students will continue their studies at the Bermuda College and another plans to attend Underwood International College at Yonsei University in South Korea.

Mrs. Parker concluded, “The Class of 2021 has been strengthened during a remarkable period.  Both as a year group, and as individuals, they found ways to support each other as they explored their own unique interests, defined their path and achieved their goals. They have proven themselves to be open-minded, independent learners who are confident, talented and passionate young people, ready to take on the next chapter in their educational journeys. We are very proud of all of our IB students and we wish them continued success.”


BHS was the first IB school in Bermuda, and has been successfully preparing students for college and university for the last 20 years. This wealth of experience means that all BHS IB students will receive the best possible foundation to be successful after graduation; no matter the path they choose. 

In the college-like atmosphere, students feel well supported and experience increased independence.
There are opportunities to attend overseas conference, service trips and academic exchanges  through the Global Round Square membership.


Every student at BHS is given the opportunity to undertake the challenging IB Diploma Programme, and teachers work hard to tailor the programme to suit each students' needs. For those who choose not to pursue the full Diploma, the IB Courses Programme option is available. The critical thinking and time management skills that are needed to be successful in the IB programme are two of the ways graduates say they were more than ready for the shift to university learning. 

Small class sizes foster close relationships between student and teacher, and this personal support creates an atmosphere where students feel comfortable to voice their opinions or concerns.  Consistently, our BHS graduates achieve their goals and many have gone on to accept places at top universities around the world. 


International Currency

Mrs. Parker often tells graduates that their exam results are "International Currency" which they can use all over the world. BHS students graduate with two diplomas; the BHS School Diploma and the IB Diploma and as such, students are able to present two sets of credentials to universities for consideration. The IB Diploma not only prepares students for university, but it prepares them for success in an international world. 

The skills learned during the IB create a solid foundation for lifelong learning. IB graduates join a network of accomplished alumni around the world with limitless possibilities and opportunities for success. 

Meet Sarah Wheddon

Head of IB

Sarah has over 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in Bermuda.  Since starting at BHS in 2004, Sarah has taught English to Years 7-IB2 and PSHE to a number of different year levels.  She has held leadership positions as a Head of Year, Head of Upper Years and as Interim Head of Secondary, focusing on pastoral care and encouraging students to succeed in their individual paths. 

As the Head of IB and IB Coordinator, Sarah is committed to empowering teachers and providing an environment where students can enjoy the pre-university courses with curiosity and a feeling of accomplishment.  She works closely with the IB pastoral Heads of Year, the University Counselor and students' families to offer support and enhance the opportunities open to every student as they graduate.