Exam Results

I/GCSE Results

The Bermuda High School (BHS) has announced the results of its 2022-2023 I/GCSE cohort.

40.8% of all I/GCSE grades awarded to BHS students this year were A*-A/ Level 9-7. This is well-above the 22% achieved by all students in the UK (JCQ 2023). Five students achieved all A*- A results.

Head of School, Ms. Carol A. Swainson remarked, “Congratulations to our Year 11 students on their outstanding I/GCSE results. They have worked incredibly hard alongside our dedicated teaching staff to earn these impressive results. We are very proud of what they have accomplished.”

Top Scorers:
Anne-Camille Haziza           3 x A*           6 x Level 9           1 x Level 8
Maddy Doyle                          1 x A*            3 x A                     4 x Level 8           1 x Level 7
Jeriel Fernandes                    1 x A*            3 x A                     2 x B                     1 x Level 8          1 x Level 7           2 x Level 6
Robyn Kelly                             4 x A*           1 x A                      1 x Level 9           1 x Level 8          2 x Level 7
Sophie-Yumi Rouja               2 x A*           1 x A                      1 x B                      1 x Level 8         2 x Level 7          2 x Level 6
Natalia Tafur                           2 x A*           2 x A                     1 x Level 9           2 x Level 8         1 x Level 7
Hannah Taylor                        3 x A*           2 x A                     3 x Level 8          1 x Level 7
Ella Younie                               4 x A*          1 x A                      4 x Level 9
(Level 9 is above an A*)

IB Results

The 2023 International Baccalaureate results announced for the Bermuda High School showed 100% of students achieving their diploma. Our 2023 cohort’s average diploma point score was 33, well above the worldwide average of 30. Graduates will attend universities in Canada, the United States, Britain and Europe. Disciplines to be studied include environmental, biomedical and geographical sciences, fine art, physics and astrophysics, and sports management.

Top Scorers:
Ava Gibson, 42 points, will attend University College London to study law.
Laura Hupman, 41 points, heads to Dalhousie University in Canada for mathematics.
Marli Spriggs, 41 points, joins the University of Warwick in England to study politics, philosophy and economics.
Anna Marcotte, 38 points, will attend the University of Western Ontario, Canada, studying business.
Sierra DeSousa, 36 points, goes to the University of Leeds in England for criminal justice and criminology.
Anya Podgaits, 36 points, will attend McGill University in Canada, studying statistics.