Early Years Programme

The BHS Early Years Programme (EYP) provides a high quality, play-based, learning experience that includes the best of both the International Early Years Curriculum and the UK Early Years Foundation Stage.  The girls are immersed in a stimulating yet nurturing environment that encourages and supports their strengths and weaknesses and embraces their individuality. Our girls leave EYP confident and excited to move up to Year One! 

Limitless Possibilities. 

Your daughter has her whole future in front of her, and you have big dreams for her! In EYP, we celebrate the limitless possibilities of each child and our teachers provide a warm, kind and purposeful place to help them grow and develop. They invest in the well-being of each child and every day is filled with friendship, song, play and learning – all designed to help our Butterflies and Ladybugs develop age-appropriate skills and confidence.

Building a strong foundation.

From her very first day, your daughter will benefit from a world of opportunity in a community like no other.
Our unique school environment is purposefully constructed to support and challenge girls; they will learn that making mistakes is a part of learning and that being brave and trying new things with their peers is the best way to improve. They learn to work together,  express themselves, respect other ideas, and take chances. This supportive and connected community builds confidence to face challenges and prepares them for their BHS journey ahead. 

We empower girls to be themselves.

In EYP each day is filled with multiple opportunities to learn and grow with a wide variety of hands-on activities in both our indoor and outdoor classrooms.  We encourage self-expression and creativity, and we provide a variety of activities to suit ALL girls – dress-up, role-play, sand, slime, construction, dinosaurs, dolls' house, vehicles,  pets, mud, art, waterplay, lions and tigers and bears - oh my!  While these activities are unquestionably fun, they are designed to help develop specific early learning goals.  Through the course of the year, the girls learn important social-emotional skills such as expressing themselves,  listening to others, talking over problems, taking turns,  compromising,  and working together.   Last, but certainly not least, through age- appropriate lessons in Literacy, Maths, Phonics, PE, Spanish, Music and Dance, our EYP girls learn the academic skills they need to make a successful transition into Year 1 at BHS!  

A Peak Into EYP

Our Torch Talk student anchors spoke with our EYP students this year as they were learning about farming!