Strategic Plan 2021-2026

After five years of the largest fundraising initiative ever undertaken by the School, BHS officially opened the Innovation Centre in November 2020. The question was then, "Where do we go from here?"

It was against this backdrop that the Board of Trustees, together with the Leadership Team, began the new strategic planning process. BHS engaged with various stakeholder groups and almost two years of listening and discussions, has resulted in this plan, "Strategic Plan 2021-2026: A vision for the future of BHS."

It will guide the School's work for the next five years and ensure that a BHS education remains relevant and transformational for each student to move boldly into the world after graduation. 

Strategic Priority - STUDENT EXPERIENCE

Cultivate a school climate where students want to stay for the entirety of their educational journeys (Primary through Secondary), while reducing the disparity between student perceptions. 

Strategic Priority - SUSTAINABILITY

BHS is operating in a declining market; both in terms of birth rate and a declining wider population. In order to sustain the substance and quality of the BHS education, we must ensure the long-term financial health of BHS by pursuing a clear and sustainable plan to proactively manage funding, investment, operations, and a predictable and stable enrolment for the foreseeable future. 

Strategic Priority - DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

BHS needs to recruit and retain a vibrant and diverse student and staff body that is more reflective of the demographic within our broader society, while ensuring that each girl feels that she belongs within the BHS community. 


Through our learning philosophy, students will experience an expanded focus on innovative thinking, intellectual curiosity, exploration and the love lf learning, as well as increased opportunities for "Voice & Choice" throughout their educational journey through BHS. 

BHS Committments

  • Empowered Students
  • Enriched Teaching & Learning
  • Vibrant Student Life
  • Dynamic & Inclusive Community
  • Sustainable Facilities, Spaces & Services

Challenges and Opportunities

Our history and traditions have shaped us into the School we are today, but we now have an opportunity to reimagine who we could be along with new and promising ways to deliver on our mission. The world today is in the midst of many challenges; an ongoing global pandemic, a worldwide reckoning of racial inequities and an urgent climate crisis, just to name a few. Locally, we face a declining birth rate and population and economic fallout from the pandemic.  We must find ways to maintain the quality of a BHS education while responding to the realities of a changing world and island. 


For more in-depth information about our Strategic Plan, please take a moment to read our brochure HERE. 



Former Head of School, Linda Parker '78, and the Board Chair, Celia Powell '85, discuss the Strategic Planning process and the four areas of priority which have been identified to respond to the needs of today and to bring BHS into the future successfully. New Head of School Carol A. Swainson looks forward to bringing the Strategic Plan to completion over the next few years.