The Secondary Department

The BHS Secondary Department has a mandate to prepare students to meet the needs of 21st century life. We empower our students to strive for academic excellence and explore their passions in a supportive, collaborative community. In this way, they will define their own path and become productive citizens of Bermuda and the world. 


The Secondary Department is organised into Middle Years (Years 7 – 9), followed by the I/GCSE Years (Years 10 and 11), and finally, the two-year co-ed Senior Years Programme. 

Life in Secondary

Secondary School is not only a time of academic growth, but immense social, emotional and personal evolution. This is when students discover their passions, take risks and learn new skills - all under the careful watch of teachers attuned to this period in a girls' growth, providing support and guidance. Alongside their academic studies, students have numerous opportunities to take part in Round Square adventures overseas, become involved in the local community, nurture their talents in the arts and sports and develop leadership skills. 

Sports in Secondary

The Secondary Sports programme offers a range of competitive and non-competitive activities and focuses on making a lasting impact in the lives of our students.  We encourage students to focus on their effort and personal improvement, rather than simply on the results of the game. This way, our athletes develop resilience and healthy habits that last a lifetime.

The Arts in Secondary

The A in STEAM is a key component of a BHS education and students are offered myriad opportunities to discover and nurture their creative and technical potential. Our newly renovated Arts Studios, Theatre and Music Suites help foster students’ dramatic, artistic and musical creativity.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We understand that an all-round education extends beyond the classroom. At BHS, we offer many opportunities for students to develop their own interests and nurture their passions. Clubs and activities are organised with students in mind, and take place on and off campus. 

Parent Life

As students move up through the School, we still hold firm to the belief that parents form an integral part of their child's success. There are still many opportunities to help and volunteers are needed throughout the year. Open communication between home and school is essential and as the demands of school work grow, we are there to offer parents guidance, advice and support for this important phase of your child's education.