Round Square

BHS is the only school in Bermuda to offer its students access to this internationally acclaimed programme. Since 2005, BHS students have been able to participate in exchanges, conferences and service projects abroad, and the tenets of the six IDEALS root their education in an international context; shaping them into global citizens well before they further their education abroad.

Round Square IDEALS

Round Square is a global network of 230 innovative schools, in 50 countries and on six continents, that share a passion for experiential learning and character education. Based around the six IDEALS, membership in the Round Square network offers schools a framework for excellence and continuous improvement, collaborative opportunities and shared experiences with like-minded peers from around the world.

  1. Internationalism
  2. Democracy
  3. Environmentalism
  4. Adventure
  5. Leadership
  6. Service

BHS became a Global member of the Round Square organisation in 2005, following an extensive external assessment, and is the only school in Bermuda to offer its students access to this internationally acclaimed programme. 

Over the past 12 years, students have travelled to Thailand, India, Cambodia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Australia, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador,  Guatemala, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, England and Scotland on conferences, student exchanges, and service projects. Close to 300 students have benefitted from a RS trip or exchange since 2005.

Round Square at BHS

Even before students have the opportunity to travel and take part in international opportunities, they are living the Round Square IDEALS daily. An inquiry-based approach to learning is adopted throughout the School and by actively investigating the six IDEALS, students acquire vital skills for their future through practical and experiential learning. Diversity is celebrated at BHS and teachers actively seek to integrate a multi-cultural perspective into the classrooms across the School.

Examples of Round Square at BHS: 

  • World's Fair

  • Autism Playgroup

  • Y6 study on migration

  • Y3 EcoBear project

  • Various student fundraisers for those affected by natural disasters

  • Round Square Day

  • Eco Club


Round Square Experiences