The Primary Department

Children are naturally curious, and by encouraging them to think independently and creatively, BHS girls develop leadership skills, confidence and a joy of learning for life. The Primary Years provide a sound academic foundation in an enriching and nurturing environment. 


BHS follows the International Early Years Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage (in EYP), the UK National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for Years 1-6. Our goals are to increase student’s knowledge, skills, experiences and understanding; to encourage independent and creative thinking, to build awareness of moral values; and to develop problem-solving and resilience.

Life in Primary

At BHS, we are proud of the joyful environment that we have in Primary. Our youngest students are enthusiastic learners, who are happy, determined and resourceful. These are the years where our girls learn about the world and begin to discover who they are. 

Sports in Primary

In the Primary Department, the girls begin by developing the fundamentals of coordination, balance and strength through creative movement and dance. In Years 1-3 we grow these foundations and then introduce more games and competitions in Years 4-6 when the girls begin track and field, netball, hockey and softball. 

The Arts in Primary

At BHS, we know that girls love to perform! They are given endless opportunities to create and express themselves in the classroom, on stage and at other events throughout the year. Art and music is woven into the very fabric of the daily educational experience, and with the new Arts and Music facilities, students can let their imaginations and passions soar! 

After School Care

The After School Stay ‘n Play programme provides a positive environment with warm, caring staff. The girls have the opportunity to go outdoors for play, tackle their homework, try fun projects and build friendships outside of the classroom. Popular holiday camps also run throughout the year with themed activities. 

Parent Life

At BHS, we believe that parents form an integral part of their child's success. Parental involvement in school life is an essential ingredient to the student experience, and we welcome parents, guardians, grand-parents and other family to be a part of BHS life. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organises fun events throughout the year to raise much-needed funds for the School.