Head of School Search

In November 2021, Linda Parker, Head of Bermuda High School for Girls, announced her plans to step down in June 2023, after two decades of service to BHS including sixteen years as our Head of School. The Board of Trustees has engaged the firm of Carney, Sandoe & Associates and formed a Search Committee consisting of Board members, parents and alumni to find a leader who is aligned with the BHS’s mission and who is positioned to continue BHS’s success into the future.

The Search Committee

As with the majority of independent school leadership searches, it is the School’s Board of Trustees’ responsibility to undertake the process and to select a new Head of School. The Board of Trustees is guided by the NAIS Principles of Good Practice - Head Searches.

To aid in the Board of Trustees’ decision, a Search Committee has been formed, made up of stakeholders who represent a broad perspective, history and understanding of BHS. Together, this group serves as an advisory committee to the Board, and is charged with identifying candidates, reviewing qualifications, conducting interviews, and recommending a finalist to the Board of Trustees. The Committee will work directly with our search firm consultants, Carney Sandoe & Associates. 

The Search Committee is led by co-chairs, Cece Powell, Chair of the Board of Trustees and Gitanjali Gutierrez, Co-Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Cece Powell, ‘85, Search Committee   Co-Chair
  • Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Member of Governance; Finance; Strategic Planning; and Branding, Marketing & Communications Committees
  • Parent of Alumnae, ‘18, ‘21
Gitanjali Gutierrez,  Search Committee Co-Chair
  • Co-Deputy Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Chair, Governance Committee
  • Current Primary and Secondary School Parent, ‘28, ‘30
Crystal Burgess
  • Member, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Current Primary School Parent, ‘30
Lesley Cox, ‘87
  • Trustee
  • Human Resources Advisor, Governance Committee
  • Parent of Alumna, ‘22
Sophia Greaves, ‘99
  • Alumna
  • Former Trustee
Christie Hunter Arscott, ‘01
  • Alumna
  • Consultant for development of BHS Strategic Plan, 2021-2026
  • Developer, BHS She Leads: A Real World Readiness Programme
Tom Miller
  • Former Trustee and Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Member, Governance Committee
  • Parent of Alumnae, ‘01, ‘11
Mariette Savoie
  • Former Trustee and Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Member, Governance Committee
  • Parent of Alumnae '06, '08, '11


Coral Wells
  • Trustee
  • Member, Branding, Marketing & Communications and Education Committees
  • Current Secondary School Parent, ‘25
Ben Wright
  • Trustee
  • Member, Finance Committee
  • Current Primary School Parent, ‘31

Head of School Search Process


Head of School Search Updates:

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January 19th, 2022

Letter from Linda Parker, Head of School

November 9th, 2021

Letter from Cece Powell, Board of Trustees Chair

November 9th, 2021